National Day Towards Healing for Unity and Peace

On March 6, key city center across the country will reverberate the meaning of the “day of healing” through simultaneous rituals at daybreak to signify our quest for a fresh start for the conflict-affected communities. Azan, the first morning prayer among Muslims, will commence the interfaith prayers and at 6:00AM, the church bells will mark […]

SING THE SONGS OF THE FALLEN (Mindanao PeaceWeavers Statement on the Mamasapano Tragedy)

In the light of the uproar, surge of emotions, wave of ethnic slurs in social and mainstream media and unwarranted pronouncements from several legislators tasked to enact the BBL – the call for sobriety is all that we have; our only recourse for now. We may denounce in gravest terms the carnage. We must all seek the truth and justice. But after every rage and storm also comes a calm. And the “calm” here is our steadfast commitment towards addressing the root causes of conflict and the granting of greater autonomy in the beleaguered Muslim Mindanao.

Staying the Course, Challenges to Peace (A Statement on the Mamasapano Tragedy)

It is with profound shock and sorrow that we view the events as yet unfolding in the surrounds of Mamasapano in Maguindanao. Our hearts bleed at the carnage wrought and the needless loss of Filipino lives brought on by a series of decisions, events, judgment calls and developments that may never be fully and publicly unraveled. We extend our deepest condolences to those who’ve lost loved ones, and bear with those now undeservedly suffering in its aftermath. We can even understand the grief, rancor and rage now simmering as a visceral response by many to these events. We are aware and empathize with these feelings and emotions to a degree. Yet despite this and to all we still say, stay the course of peace, for it remains our best recourse.

FRIENDS OF THE BANGSAMORO: Rallying Behind the Promise of HB 4994

We, members and supporters of the nascent coalition “FRIENDS OF THE BANGSAMORO (FoB)”, express our appreciation and support for the open and participative process in the Ad Hoc Committee of the House of Representatives tasked to guide the birth of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL). We are encouraged by the openness and willingness of the committee and other House members to engage with civil society organizations and their supporters, both outside as well as in the halls of Congress. The first Committee hearing on the BBL (House Bill 4994) gave an encouraging sign towards an open, participative and inclusive law-crafting process in the enactment of HB 4994 also known as Senate Bill 2408.