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Mindanao Peaceweavers’ Guiding Principles for the Bangsamoro Peace Process

MPW remains committed to engage the peace process by bringing it closer to the public and feeding into the entire process its own take on citizen participation.

While a new dawn is approaching the Muslim region, MPW endeavors to develop concrete proposals hinged upon its avowed guiding principles and submit to the Bangsamoro Transition Commission (BTC) in crafting the basic law. And consequently engage the other transition mechanisms, joint commissions and entities expressed in the FAB Annexes through actual policy proposal submission and participation.

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Preserving and Guarding the Peace Gates of the Bangsamoro

The Mindanao PeaceWeavers (MPW) offers these words of kindness to all peacemakers of the Bangsamoro. Indeed, blessings will come for those who have offered their lives, limbs and all.

As the accord we all have been working for has been reached, we hope that the guns will remain silent and the ploughshares, goodwill, and nation building replace them. Kudos to the peace panels, their principals, civil society and their constituents and more so the Filipino and Bangsamoro peoples for staying the hard, difficult road in accompanying and seeing through this process to reach this cherished dream.

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After Zamboanga, Bohol and Yolanda Crises Peace Imperatives in Conflict Settlement and Disaster Management

We, the Convenors of the Mindanao Peaceweavers (MPW), vigorously call for all stakeholders and the general public to commit to the peace imperative in situations of armed conflict and natural disaster in our country.

We believe that imprinted in our collective memory as peoples are the ebb tides and surges of our struggle to overcome every small and big war, every quake and storm, every social condition dehumanizing enough to tear us apart. And with our own humanity, we survived in every shooting war, displacement, violation of our rights and entitlements.

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A Call for Compassion, An Urgent Call for Ceasefire

MPW calls for an indefinite cessation of armed hostilities in the affected regions in the spirit of compassion and respect while the communities are still trying to collect themselves from the trauma, bury their kin, search for the missing, seek medical help for the injured and sick, find a roof to stay dry, share a piece of bread with a neighbor or even find a corner to grieve for a lost beloved.

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