Peace agenda stays as living document

Davao City (25 June) — After a year-long consultation with various concerned sectors in Mindanao, the Mindanao Peaceweavers is set to launch the Mindanao People’s Peace Agenda on Friday (June 25).

It is the product of discussion, consultation, and sharing amongst different groups to come up with a Mindanao peace agenda that is owned by the people.

“We have conducted area consultations with leaders of Bangsamoro, Lumads, and settlers from all over Mindanao.We have discovered key issues that need to be addressed to build lasting peace in Mindanao. These are all embodied in MPPA, which we envision to become a living document for solidarity.” Gus Miclat of the Initiatives for International Dialogue (IID) said in yesterday’s Club 888 Business Forum.

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