Peoples’ Peace Covenant on the Bangsamoro


I am a citizen who believes in peace.
Peace that silences the guns, puts food on the table, allows the poorest child to go to school, provides jobs, gives every woman, indigenous person, elderly, individual with disability a voice and a chance to build and realize her/his dreams.

I am a citizen who takes pride in Mindanao.
A Mindanao of diverse cultures and ethnic communities that coexist, respect its peopling and recognize the indigenous peoples as original custodians; with beauty and abundance shared by those who have tilled and nurtured the land, rivers and mountains for generations together

I am a citizen who honors a rich history in the struggle for Change.
After 40 years of war and human suffering, and 17 years of negotiating to end the armed conflict in Mindanao – I now understand, respect and embrace what self-determination for the Bangsamoro people means.

I am a citizen who supports the Bangsamoro Peace Process.
I celebrate and affirm my vigorous support for the final agreement that has just been sealed. So that finally, communities shackled by war can rise up from the years of trauma and abject poverty. But the deed is not yet totally done. The pursuit for peace is a continuing project.

I am a citizen who fully commits to a just and peaceful future for Mindanao and the Philippines. I pledge support to a peace process that “listens”; where all voices are heard, respected and considered; where no one will be left behind.

I take this pledge as a citizen peacemaker :
To continue to guard the gains we have achieved and to remain resolutely vigilant that the implementation of the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB) realizes the aspirations and rights of the poorest of the Bangsamoro citizenry and other diverse peoples of the region– the indigenous peoples, migrant Christians, and other social groupings.

And finally, I take this oath as a believer of Change. Give peace a chance for change to happen in the Bangsamoro and beyond.

Salam, Kalinaw, Paghidaet, Kapayapaan, Peace!!


Signatories to date:

  1. Mindanao Peaceweavers
  2. Initiatives for International Dialogue
  3. Waging Peace / Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC)-Philippines
  4. Agong Peace Network
  5. Aksyon Mindanaw
  6. Aksyon para sa Kapayapaan at Katarungan
  7. Al Qalam Institute –Ateneo de Davao University
  8. Ateneo Human Rights Center
  9. Ateneo School of Government
  10. Balay Mindanaw, Incorporated
  11. Bisayang Dako Alang sa Kalinaw – Dumaguete City
  12. Center for Peace Education – Miriam College
  13. CSO in Lanao del Norte Partnership for Peace & Devt
  14. Interreligious Solidarity Movement for Peace – Zambo.
  15. Kalimudan Foundation, Inc
  16. Maryknoll Affiliates- Davao Chapter
  17. Mindanao State University – Faculty Union, Gen. San City
  18. Mindanao Youth Development Center
  19. Notre Dame Center for Catechesis (NDCFC) Cotabato City
  20. Paghiliusa sa Paghidaet – Negros
  21. Pakigdait, Incorporated
  22. Pax Christi Institute
  23. Peace Advocates Zamboanga
  24. Peacemakers Circle
  25. Philippine Misereor Partners, Incorporated
  26. Reach Out to Others Foundation, Inc
  27. Redemptorist Center for Social & Ecological Concerns
  28. Saceda Youth Lead – Dumaguete City
  29. Saceda Youth Lead School – Dumaguete City
  30. Women CORE
  31. Women Engaged in Action 1325
  32. Women in White
  33. Abp Antonio Ledesma, SJ – Archdiocese of CDO
  34. Amenodin T. Cali
  35. Amina Rasul
  36. Atty. Raizsa Mae Anayatin
  37. Deanie Lyn Ocampo
  38. Dr Grace T. Rebollos
  39. Earl Martin — former Mennonite Central Committee
  40. Ednar Dayanghirang
  41. Emma Leslie
  42. Fr. Amado L. Picardal, CSsR
  43. Fr. Angel Calvo
  44. Fr. Giulio F. Mariani, PIME
  45. Karl Gaspar, CSsR
  46. Len Manriquez
  47. Malou Pantua-Juanito
  48. Marrio R. Mapanao
  49. Myra Tambor
  50. Nathaniel George A. Hipolito
  51. Notre Dame Center for Catechesis (NDCFC) – Cotabato
  52. Prof. Aurora Javate de Dios
  53. Prof. Ompong Rodil
  54. Sharon Kniss – Kroc Institute for Int’l Peace Studies
  55. Sr Cres Lucero, Sfic
  56. Stella-Marie Llerin, O.N.D
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