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New GRP Peace Panel head buoys hope for an elusive peace in Mindanao

Dean Marvic Leonen’s  appointment augurs well with the ongoing peace talks between the GRP and the MILF. He brings with him not only  an impressive credential to the post, but more importantly, a solid experience, empathy and grounding on the issues and rights of the indigenous peoples, the upland communities, including those in Mindanao. His new post  also buoys up a lot of hope and raises high  expectations particularly from the peace and people’s movements  regarding the  prospects of the peace process in Mindanao.

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Peace groups present their Mindanao agenda

Peace organizations frustrated by the ongoing conflict in the southern Philippine island of Mindanao have tabled their own proposals to help end the insurgency.

The proposals include the formation of a peace commission and the drafting of a national peace policy.

Mindanao peace organizations have listed 15 proposals under a so-called Mindanao People’s Peace Agenda to achieve a lasting peace in the region, said Claretian Father Angel Calvo of Peace Advocates-Zamboanga.

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Peace agenda stays as living document

Davao City (25 June) — After a year-long consultation with various concerned sectors in Mindanao, the Mindanao Peaceweavers is set to launch the Mindanao People’s Peace Agenda on Friday (June 25). It is the product of discussion, consultation, and sharing amongst different groups to come up with a Mindanao peace agenda that is owned by […]

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